Our Charity program

Swibeco facilitates charitable donations from employees !

Philanthropy and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) have taken a big step forward this past decade in the working environment. Generosity is more and more present in the workplace. Discover an innovative way to increase employee involvement by enabling them to donate to charities through the Swibeco platform.


Swibeco has partnered with a selection of Swiss charities that are certified and recognized as being of public interest.

At any time Swibeco members may decide to make a donation via the platform. They will have the opportunity to use their Swipoints that we will convert into Swiss francs and then donate to the charity of their choice.

Swibeco will provide for all administrative costs as well as credit card commissions. 100 CHF donated = 100 CHF for the charity !

Selected themes

Professional integration of young people in Switzerland

Schooling for underprivileged children

Promotion of Sports for people with mental disabilities

Research and dissemination of technologies that meet the basic needs of the poorest populations

And lots more to come !


Generosity improves well-being and the employer brand

Studies have shown that generosity has a positive impact on the happiness of those donating. When we are generous, we find a meaning to our existence, we feel like a good person. Feeling connected to a cause promotes happiness. Philanthropy also improves the image of the company towards its employees because they are more likely to speak positively about their employer.

With its charity program, Swibeco wants to promote corporate generosity, contribute to job satisfaction and strengthen the employer brand, which will consequently increase productivity.

Permanent visibility of the charity program

.Traditionally, companies highlight donations campaigns as the year comes to an end. With Swibeco the employer offers his employees a charity program that is permanently available on an allocated page to gather all the information about the different projects.

The platform also allows for a one-off focus on a campaign to generate a spirit of generosity over a special period or for a special cause.

An individual involvement of the employee

For more commitment and employee satisfaction, it is important to involve employees in choosing the charity they wish to support.

On the Swibeco platform, the donation is made individually. A great selection of various associations allows everyone to find a cause they are sensitive to.

A simple and accessible system

Swibeco offers a charity program that adapts to current donor expectations. The digital platform makes it possible to make donations online with the amounts of your choice, be it micro-donations or greater ones. The simplicity and accessibility of this system generates more employee involvement and engagement.
With this inclusive Swibeco Platform, your employees can access a donation program in just a few clicks without having to run a charity program yourself which would draw on a significant workload in terms of communications and updates.


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