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The Swiss Benefits Company : the « Flexible Benefits » digital platform 

centralizing all the perks, gifts and tax free benefits a company can offer its employees.


Attract, retain and reward your employees by giving them more flexibility with Flexible Benefits

Committed employees are 21% more productive and 25% more likely to stay in their workplace.
35% of Swibeco employees voice that they are committed to work
*, while the Swiss average is 16%.
Gallup study 2014
* Study conducted by Swibeco customer surveys in 2017

Digitalization of Human Resources

Stay at the forefront of HR innovation to best satisfy your employees

Happier and more motivated employees

Increase the financial well-being of your employees

Flexible Benefits improve employee committment

With Flexible Benefits offer your employees a variety of choice

Improve your Employer Branding

Increase the attractiveness of your company with Swibeco

Centralization of the Benefits of your employees

Your perks, gifts and rewards on a single digital platform

Decrease of costs related to Human Resources

Save time and money by outsourcing your administrative tasks

Communication of your Benefits package

Promote the knowledge and develop the understanding of Benefits to your employees

Technology at the service of Human Resources

A secure, white label cloud platform that can integrate within your existing information systems


Swibeco is the HR tool that allows you to set up and maintain an innovative compensation package

Our cloud platform does not require any set-up, update or technical skills on your end

Employee benefits platform

Hundreds of offers corresponding to the varied needs of all households


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Flexible Benefits

Let your employees create their Benefits package according to their needs and desires


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Points system

 Swipoints are a reward system giving purchasing power and choice to your employees


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REKA Swibeco

Centralize REKA money orders from your employees through Swibeco

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Swibeco Lunch Card

2,160 CHF of net purchasing power exempt from social security contributions and taxes per year and per employee, for their food-related expenses

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“Charity” Program

Develop your employees’ commitment by allowing them to donate to charitable causes


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Do you wish to offer your international teams access to a
Global Employee Benefits platform?

Swibeco offers you access to a cutting-edge platform with high quality service to all your employees around the globe!

To achieve this, Swibeco works in partnership with Benify.


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The price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffett

From CHF 4 per employee / per month
Our rates vary depending on the number of employees. 

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