Promoting Swibeco partners

Permanent offer

Every Swibeco Partner offers their members at least one permanent offer guaranteeing continuous visibility for customer loyalty.

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Swibeco suggests you put your brand forward through recurrent and special communications

Welcome on the platform offer

Offer a welcome gift to new Swibeco members when they first login to the platform and increase your visibility !

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Birthday gifts

Treat swibeco members with a little gift for their birthdays while putting your products/services forward!

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Recurring offers

Offer Swibeco members time-limited “flash” deals to put your brand forward at key moments in your industry!

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Fairs / B2B events

Swibeco regularly participates in fairs and events related to the HR world. A great opportunity to make known your products/services through samples or coupons to a B2B public!

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Contests / Prize draws

Swibeco occasionally organizes contests for its members. You can offer the winner a prize whilst communicating about your brand in a non-formal context !

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