Reka & Swibeco

The Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) Cooperative is a solid modern company whose socio-tourism mandate is non-profit.

Swibeco & REKA offer solutions to lighten your administrative load and promote your REKA policy within your company.

REKA premiums : Buy REKA money on Swibeco, especially with Swipoints !

REKA quota : Possibility for the employer to centralize REKA money orders from his employees via Swibeco.

More than 9,000 collection points gladly accept this popular means of payment for the following sectors; holiday, leisure and travel: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, Reka Holidays, public transport, ski lifts, leisure parks, fitness centers, museums, circuses, zoos, gas stations (AVIA and BP) and many more.

More than 4,200 employers in Switzerland motivate their employees by offering Reka money at a reduced price. In the form of a fringe benefit, bonus or gift, this leisure money is highly appreciated and, moreover, exempt from tax. Its use is exclusively reserved for holidays and leisure (specific purpose).

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