Swipoints: how do they work?

The Swipointswipoints_icon-2is a means of payment that can only be used to make purchases on the Swibeco platform directly. Standard payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Postcard et facture) can be used in addition to Swipoints.

1 CHF = 10 Swipoints


Get Swipoints

There are 3 ways to get Swipoints:

  1. Your RH acquires Swipoints on the Swibeco platform and then offers them to its employees (birthdays, christmas, incentive, etc.).
  2. Some offers on the Swibeco platform allow you to collect Swipoints.
  3. Swibeco members can also win Swipoints by becoming “Swibeco Ambassadors”

Spend Swipoints

All purchases made directly on the Swibeco platform can be paid (totally or partially) in Swipoints. These deals are recognized with the Swipoints iconswipoints_icon-2” on the offer.

Swipoints can also be offered to colleagues or used to donate to Swiss charities that are certified and recognized to be of public interest.


What happens to my Swipoints stored on my account once my employment terminates ?

We recommend that you use up all of your Swipoints before the end of your binding contract with your employer.

Beyond this date, Swipoints can no longer be used, transferred or claimed by your employer and/or Swibeco.