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Your morning ritual to feel good !

Tuesday morning, 7:00 am, wake up call… First thing we usually do? Check our phone, scroll through our emails, news, Facebook feed and there goes up our stress level… We cannot expect to live a peaceful and positive life, by starting off every morning in a stressed and hurried way… Your morning ritual must change and the rest of your day will change accordingly. Discover the first tip of a series to improve your morning routine and change your entire day.


What to drink upon wake up?

Hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey and fresh ginger.

The benefits?


– Improves digestion: Toxins and unwanted materials in the body will be eliminated. Minerals and vitamins of the lemon relive symptoms of indigestion throughout the day and stimulate bowel movements.

– Good for the immune system: High in vitamin C and Potassium, starting your day with this special warm cocktail will prepare your body to fight radicals, cold, and improve the absorption of iron.

– Weight management: Lemons are high in pectin fiber therefore helping you control cravings. Furthermore, unlike what many might think, lemons help you regulate the pH of your body, by decreasing its acidity. And an alkaline diet helps being healthy and improves weight loss. – Clears your skins


– Both have a lot of special properties that are incredibly beneficial for the body. Moreover, the combination of both makes it even easier for the body to use their benefits to the fullest.

– Together, Honey and Ginger help for many different issues including inflammations, nausea, respiratory problems (such as asthma), and are excellent antioxidant, therefore helping for all kinds of health related problems.

Starting a morning ritual will give you a special feeling of calm and control throughout the day.   Stay tuned for a second tip on how to improve your wake up routine!   PS: these natural tips cannot be used instead of any medication you are required to take. But are an excellent addition with proven results.

Marion Argi
Marion Argi , certified ACE personal trainer and founder of One Step More (www.one-step-more.com) is now part of Swibeco’s health advisory team. Marion will periodically give you great wellness tips.