Swibeco Lunch card

Offer an additional CHF 2160 net purchase per year to your employees!

In-kind benefit for food
Accepted in all VISA food sales points
(+30’000 shops in Switzerland)

  • Funded by the employer
  • Exempt from social contributions (employer & employee) and taxes (employee)
  • Maximum CHF 180 per month per employee

Powered by BenefitsForYou SA, Swiss specialist for meal vouchers.

The Swibeco Lunch Card is accepted in all shops in Switzerland that accept VISA
(+30’000 shops)

This card can be fully configured (choice of amounts and the time of payments) and is secure (PIN code and easy blocking for employees in case of loss or theft)

Lunch Cards are delivered directly to employees’ homes. Payments are instantly charged onto your employees’ cards.

Exempt from taxes for a maximum amount of 2’160 CHF per year per employee. Complies with tax rules in force in Switzerland.

Possible integration with your company’s restaurant.

User data accessible from smartphone App (IOS, Android)

Swibeco helps Human Resources Departments offer a comprehensive package of benefits that are complementary to remuneration, enabling companies to increase the purchasing power of their employees, while benefiting from exemptions from charges.

These companies can monitor their own programs via our digital platform, thus increasing the value of their employer brand.

The Swibeco Lunch Card is yet another step towards employees personalizing their salary package. Swibeco broadens its offer to new benefits, strengthening its position as a strategic partner in the set up of Flexible Benefits in Switzerland.

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