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Give your employees an edge

Increase your employees’ purchasing power with a variety of flexible benefits, while reducing your HR costs.

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Already more than 6000 companies trust Swibeco

Modular solutions

Digital, innovative tools with clear added value for your employees

Benefits Platform

The customisable portal that centralises all your benefits and permanent discounts from 150 top retailers in Switzerland.

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A 100% tax and social security contribution-free points system to reward your employees with flexible options.

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Lunch Card

Pay for your employee’s meals with a prepaid card, 100% tax-free, valid at 35,000 restaurants, take-aways and food outlets in Switzerland.

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Why Swibeco

More advantages for you and your employees

Financial well-being

Increase your employees’ purchasing power without increasing salaries

With Swibeco's modular solutions, improve the financial well-being of your employees by reducing their daily expenses and offering them personalised, fully tax-free benefits.

Simplified management

Centralise your benefits for easier and more efficient management

Make your life easier by centralising all of your benefits on a single digital platform with your corporate colours, including interfacing with your HRIS and secure data storage in Switzerland.

Staff retention

Upgrade your company brand, attract, reward and retain new talents

With Swibeco's flexible and attractive benefits solutions, you can improve your company reputation, attracting new talents and boosting motivation. It’s a win-win all around.


Calculate your savings potential with Swibeco

In just a few clicks, see how much your company and employees can save with Swibeco!

How large is your organisation?

Indicate your total number of employees and find out how much you could save in just a few clicks.

How much meal allowance for your employees?

With the Swibeco Lunch Card, you can pay up to CHF 180.- per month towards employee meals. This amount is 100% tax free

CHF per employee per year

How much do you want to give your employees each year?

With Swipoints, you can reward your employees with up to CHF 500.- each per event (you can schedule multiple events per year). This amount is 100% exempt from social security contributions and taxes.

info-iconQualifying events

Are considered as events occasions such as: birthdays, work anniversaries, jubilees, welcome gifts, Christmas.

Event(s) per year
CHF /year per employee





*These calculations are based on the following values: employee’s social security contributions 15%, employer’s social security contributions 20%, marginal tax rate (federal, cantonal, municipal) 30%, without half deduction. Non-contractual calculations.

Give each employee more flexibility

In addition to a wide selection of permanent discounts, our points system allows your employees to choose the benefits they want.

Improve staff retention and engagement

Stand out from the competition with a flexible benefits programme and increase your chances of attracting the best talents.

Improve day-to-day financial well-being

Make a real difference in your employees’ purchasing power with fully tax-free contributions to meal costs.

Give access to the largest network

Set your company apart and offer more lunch choices with a prepaid card valid at all restaurants and food outlets that accept VISA.

logo AXA

Without additional costs for companies with AXA OPA or DSB contract

Bonus for AXA customers

The use of the Swibeco benefits platform is inclusive for customers with occupational benefits (OPA) or daily sickness benefits insurance (DSB) from AXA. Companies with no OPA or DSB contract get 25% off*.

* Discounts do not apply to the Swibeco Lunch Card

Easy access via myAXA

You can access the platform easily and integrate company and personal data quickly using your myAXA Admin login ( Simply register your company, select your employees, customise your portal and off you go!

Start your digital HR transformation

Find out how Swibeco can help you manage your HR benefits and effectively engage your employees. With nothing to install on your end!

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