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Frequent questions

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, sorted by topic.

Advantages Platform

Who is Swibeco?

Swibeco, “The Swiss Benefits Company”, is a web and mobile platform which aggregates discounts and benefits that our clients offer to their employees. It is designed to facilitate gratification and tax free rewards within Swiss companies towards their employees. In addition, we help our clients to strengthen the employer brand, the purchasing power of their employees as well as the local trade.

How does the platform work?

– Companies become Swibeco clients by paying a membership fee, the price depends on the number of employees.
– Only registered employees will be taken into consideration for the annual invoicing.
– Each company can designate one or more administrators of the platform.
– A user-friendly interface allows the customisation of the Swibeco platform, including logo, images and colours of the client’s brand.
– Administrators can easily invite and update all of their employees.
– Upon receipt of the invitation, the employees must complete their own profile. They will then have direct access to all benefits and discounts found in the deals categories of the platorm.

Who are Swibeco’s customers?

Swibeco has clients (companies) everywhere in Switzerland and in all industries. They all have in common the desire to compose their compensation packages in an innovative way as well as to motivate and retain their best employees.

Who are Swibeco’s partners?

Swibeco partners are Swiss companies that offer products and/or services to the users of the Swibeco platform (B2C). They want to develop alternative distribution options that don’t cannibalise their existing sales channels. In order to do this, they offer competitive deals to the employees of Swibeco’s client companies.

What is unique about the benefits Swibeco offers employees ?

Benefits and discounts that make a difference

We pledge to provide customised and significant benefits. In addition, employees of  client companies’ are constantly encouraged to suggest deals and benefits they would like to have on the platform.


Best possible discounts
Swibeco is negotiating benefits that are normally only reserved for large groups or B2B businesses and are not available to the public. The Swiss Benefits Company offers savings up to 20% on the long term offers and up to 70% on the Flash offers!


Easy to use rewards
Swibeco allows above all the HR managers to put innovation in the compensation package and to improve the employees’ recognition, not only through salary increase. The benefits platform allows the coaching of employees in a simple way by encouraging them with concrete rewards, adapted to their desires. The ease of use can be summarized in 4 areas:

  • Ergonomic and “user friendly” platform
  • Integration via an API in the clients’ information system (e.g. Intranet)
  • Custom URL
  • Mobile applications (Android and IOS)


A customisable benefits management platform
The clients have access to their own benefits program through a “white-label” platform, tailored to their corporate identity (logo, colours, messages, etc.) in order to manage the deals and present themselves to their employees.

Lunch Card

What happens if an employee beneficiary of the Swibeco Lunch Card leaves my company?

In this case, you stop the contribution to your employee’s meal expenses. You have the following options: A. Cancel the card immediately in your extranet, the balance of the card will then be credited to you. B. Continue to finance the costs of the card for the period of your choice so that your employee can use the amounts paid before his/her departure, until the balance is fully used and taking into account the validity of the card (3 years).

Where is the Swibeco Lunch Card accepted?

The Swibeco Lunch Card is accepted in all Swiss restaurants, bakeries, delicatessens, canteens and fast food outlets (i.e. more than 35,000 establishments) provided that they accept Visa cards, which is generally the case. It is accepted as a payment method for food and meal expenses only.

Why does my company have to open an account at Cornèr Bank?

Cornèrcard is the Swibeco partner, responsible for the set-up and management of the Swibeco Lunch Cards.
To ensure that the supermarkets and restaurants that accept the Swibeco Lunch Card are reimbursed for your employees’ transactions, the equivalent value of your meal voucher payments must be pre-paid into a blocked account. Under no circumstances will BenefitsForYou have access to these funds. This is a guarantee for all Swibeco Lunch Card stakeholders (company, employee, acceptance network).

What is the administrative burden of the set-up and management of meal vouchers on the Swibeco Lunch Card?

The administrative burden is negligible. Once you have signed your contract, we will set up your management and order extranet. This makes payments to your employees’ Swibeco Lunch Cards as easy as a bank transfer.
Following the first order, your employees’ cards will be delivered directly to their home addresses. No handling or distribution is required unlike with paper-based meal vouchers.

How often will I need to order meal vouchers for the Swibeco Lunch Card?

As employer, you determine the frequency of meal voucher payments to Swibeco Lunch Cards (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

How long do Swibeco Lunch Card contracts last?

Our contracts require no long-term commitment. You can terminate your Swibeco Lunch Card meal voucher orders at any time.

What is a contactless card?

Contactless cards are very common in Switzerland and belong to the latest generation of bank cards. Unlike old generations of cards, you are not required to insert your card into the terminal or enter your PIN. This enables quick payments of amounts under CHF 40 at tills, in food stores or in restaurants equipped with a compatible payment terminal. This feature is symbolised by the icon on the card and terminal.

What happens if a Swibeco Lunch Card is lost or stolen?

The employee beneficiary can block the card (protected by a PIN code) via our smartphone app, their extranet account or by contacting our user call centre operated by our partner Cornèrcard (open 24/7 in English, French, German and Italian – CHF 1.40 per minute) at 091 800 41 41.
You can also block the card via your own customer extranet.
The Swibeco Lunch Card no longer works once blocked, ensuring the balance remains intact. Depending on the reason for blocking the card, the process can be reversed by our customer service (e.g. if the card is found) or a new card will automatically sent to your employee’s home address (if card permanently blocked). In the event that a new Swibeco Lunch Card is ordered, your company will be billed in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions agreed between Swibeco and your company.

How long is the Swibeco Lunch Card valid for?

The Swibeco Lunch Card is valid for three years. After three years, it will be automatically renewed unless otherwise requested by yourself.

Are Swibeco Lunch Card meal vouchers compatible with expense claims?

Yes, absolutely. Employees can receive meal vouchers for days when they are not reimbursed by an expense claim.

How are meal voucher payments to the Swibeco Lunch Card accounted for?

If the meal voucher payments to the Swibeco Lunch Card do not exceed the CHF 180 limit per employee, per month, tick box G only on the salary statement.
If the value of the meal vouchers exceeds the CHF 180 limit, simply add the difference to the salary declared under figure 1 on the salary statement.

What should I do for my part-time employees?

As employer, you determine the value of meal voucher payments to your employees. You may opt to vary amounts between employees and calculate them based on working hours and position within the company.

What employees can benefit from meal vouchers on the Swibeco Lunch Card?

Upon receipt of a salary statement, any employee can benefit from the Swibeco Lunch Card, whether they work on a full-time, part-time or seasonal basis. As employer, you determine whether to allocate the Swibeco Lunch Card on the basis of your remuneration policy.

What is the monthly tax-exempt amount of meal vouchers on the Swibeco Lunch Card?

The monthly amount completely exempt of charges and taxes is CHF 180, i.e. CHF 2,160 per year.
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What businesses can benefit from meal vouchers with the Swibeco Lunch Card?

The Swibeco Lunch Card is aimed at all types of businesses, regardless of legal structure (company, administration, association, foundation), size (starting with one employee), structure (one centralised site or multiple sites) or location (city or countryside).

What is the Swibeco Lunch Card?

The first meal voucher in card format, the Swibeco Lunch Card allows you to offer employees additional tax-exempt purchasing power to spend on food. Easy to set up, the Swibeco Lunch Card is a simple and modern alternative to paper-based meal vouchers.

Who determines the monthly amount of meal vouchers on the Swibeco Lunch Card?

As employer, you determine the monthly amount transferred to the Swibeco Lunch Card on the basis of your remuneration policy.