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6 August 2020

Get Organised With Better Time Management

Time seems to slip through our fingers day after day. And at work, it’s even worse. Why? Because your workday is constantly interrupted by emails and new tasks to be accomplished. If, like many others, you […]

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9 July 2020

Meditation: 6 Easy Exercises for the Office

Meditation is an age-old practice that gives you access to inner peace and infuses you with positive energy. We need it more than ever in the professional world today, where stress and overwork run rampant. Here […]

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25 June 2020

Should Companies Consider a Four-Day Week?

The work week is a controversial subject. Many employers still judge performance based on the number of hours their employees work, confusing presence with efficiency. On the other hand, some are ready to break away from […]

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12 June 2020

Why Networking Is Essential to Your Career

Networking means enriching your panel of personal and professional relationships through social media such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter or Reddit. This virtual address book can give you a real leg up in career development. Here are […]

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27 May 2020

7 Ways to Better Engage Your Employees

A company’s success depends primarily on how engaged its employees are. The more they invest, the better the company’s productivity and the lower the turnover risk. But employers need to cultivate employee motivation on a daily […]

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13 May 2020

How to Be Happy at Work

Is anyone really happy at work? With our heavy workloads and high stress levels, you may wonder if it’s even possible. Many companies are doing all they can to help their employees feel fulfilled at work. […]

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30 April 2020

Top Strategies for Talent Management

Talent management is an important part of company strategy. The job market and employer-employee relationships have been continuously changing over the past several years, and talent management practices with them. What are today’s most effective talent […]

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15 April 2020

Why You Should Never Stop Learning (Especially at Work)

From early childhood until we start working, our entire lives are based on education. As soon as we get a job, we stop this momentum in its tracks, thinking that we’ve succeeded in life. Fatal mistake! […]

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1 April 2020

Become the Company Everyone Wants to Work For

Employees’ expectations of their employers have changed a lot in recent years and are much more varied than they used to be. Working is no longer simply about being paid. It is a way to achieve […]

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18 March 2020

7 Tips for Working From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus – In the midst of the new Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. That means lots of us are dealing with an unusual challenge for an extended period of time: […]

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5 March 2020

How Can You Become Your Boss’ Favourite Employee?

Favourite Employee – Unless you run your own company, you have a superior with whom you need to interact appropriately. From your department head to the CEO, remember that hierarchy is the basis for an efficient […]

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21 February 2020

Do You Offer Your Employees These 10 Salary Extras?

You need motivated employees to have a productive company. Although financial bonuses are always popular, non-monetary rewards can also keep your employees motivated by responding more specifically to their needs. But which benefits should you choose […]

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5 February 2020

11 Savvy Secrets for Better Health at the Office

Health at the Office – Being efficient at work comes from balancing physical and mental health. All it takes is a few easy tricks to keep your mind and body feeling good. Stay in shape at […]

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23 January 2020

4 Reasons to Make Training Your Employees a Top Priority in 2020

A company’s strength lies in its ability to continuously rely on qualified employees. Although employers often focus on recruitment and employee benefits to find talents, they forget to invest in developing employee skill sets throughout their […]

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8 January 2020

How Can You Keep Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions for 2020?

Professional Resolutions – We always feel motivated to set professional goals as part of the new year. We make resolutions that we are ready to keep no matter what… until our old habits take over again! […]

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20 December 2019

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HR Department in 2020

As the end of the year approaches, it is high time to set your goals for 2020. HR departments need to stay one step ahead of the changing job market to remain effective. But what resolutions […]

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12 December 2019

On Top of Your Game at the Office: 10 Myths About Coffee

Coffee – For most of us, coffee is our friend all week long at work. This delicate black beverage is sometimes touted for its benefits, sometimes criticised for being addictive. Here are 10 truths (or myths) […]

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3 December 2019

Do You Want to Keep Your Best Employees? Act Now!

Motivation of employees – A company without good employees is like a car engine whose cylinders aren’t powerful enough for the car to run at top speed. The competition passes it by as it fades into […]

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18 November 2019

How can you fight employee burnout?

Burnout – Although the WHO doesn’t consider it to be a work-related health problem, burnout is an affliction that affects all companies. It is caused by the ever-increasing demands to perform, be present and be versatile […]

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6 November 2019

12 Better Ways to Help You Start Your Day Off Right

Most employees are thrown right into their work in the morning, which definitely does not help them perform well on the job. So, what’s the secret to being more productive? Starting your day off right with […]

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30 October 2019

10 Ways to Reach Generation Z

Generation Z – There is a wealth of talent in Generation Z for employers. Born between 1995 and 2010, these digital natives are strongly attracted to new technology and have a very specific conception of professional […]

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16 October 2019

25 Habits of Successful Employees

Successful Employees – We all want to have a successful career and climb the professional ladder. But ambition isn’t always enough. Here are 25 habits that you can adopt to foster your professional growth. The good […]

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22 May 2017

Motivation at work: what lessons can be drawn from the Gallup 2017 study?

Employee performance is undoubtedly linked to motivation levels at work. This has been proven by the recent State of American Workplace survey, which was published by work experts at Gallup in February 2017. The trends that […]

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8 May 2017

Which Swiss companies offer the best quality of life in the workplace?

On May 4, the new Great Place To Work® “Best Workplaces in Switzerland” 2017 ranking was announced. This year, the consulting firm interviewed approximately 15,000 employees from 123 Swiss companies to complete its ranking. Allof the […]

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1 May 2017

What about sandwiches at work?

Want to quit wasting time during your lunch break? Maybe you work 24/7, throughout the day or, on the flip side, you want to break up your day to get some errands in there like shopping […]

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3 April 2017

Do you need a spring detox cure?

You’ve been feeling fatigue at work and, besides consuming copious amounts of caffeine, you’re fresh out of other solutions. Some signs just don’t lie: you may need a detox cure But what exactly does “detox” mean? […]

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21 March 2017

Employee engagement: don’t forget your most important customers

Employee engagement is a major challenge in modern businesses. You may have heard business and human resources (HR) managers talking about employees being a company’s greatest asset. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that this […]

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16 February 2017

Talent Management: why is it essential?

Talent Management has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. For the past decade, the relationship between human resources and employees has been shifting. The resource has become a talent. The emphasis is no longer necessarily on […]

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18 November 2016

How can you satisfy employees with a Christmas gift?

It’s just a mere few weeks until Christmas ! The main question that HR leaders and managers ask themselves is: What’s the best way to reward employees? There are some essential aspects to think about when considering […]

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31 October 2016

Swibeco’s new wellness tip: why moving before working ?

Follow our new wellness tip. We work better when we are fit! Swibeco knows it’s important to look after oneself. Following our monthly wellness tip will positively impact your work, help you stay fit, increase morale and improve […]

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20 September 2016

3 good reasons to set up a “Corporate Wellness” program in your company

The Swiss Benefits Company is working together with  One Step More, a networking company for coaches and professionals in wellness, sports and nutrition, in order to help employees maintain their “Work-Life Balance”. Marion Argi, the founder […]

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25 August 2016

Employee wellbeing is the new key to performance for Swiss companies

Long-time neglected or even worse not even taken into account at all, employee wellbeing is becoming one of the main concerns for Swiss companies nowadays. Many companies are facing employee disengagement: a reality that has a […]

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