“The Swiss Benefits Company” is a web and mobile platform which aggregates various benefits and discounts that our swiss partners wish to offer the employees working for the Swibeco client companies. It is designed to facilitate the gratification and the reward within the Swiss companies towards their employees. In addition, we help our clients to strengthen the corporate culture, the purchasing power of their employees as well as the local trade.

Benefits and discounts that make a difference

We pledge to provide customised and significant benefits. In addition, employees of  client companies’ are constantly encouraged to suggest deals and benefits they would like to have on the platform.

Best possible discounts

Swibeco is negotiating benefits that are normally only reserved for large groups or B2B businesses and are not available to the public. The Swiss Benefits Company offers savings up to 20% on the long term offers and up to 70% on the Flash offers!

Easy to use rewards

Swibeco allows above all the HR managers to put innovation in the compensation package and to improve the employees’ recognition, not only through salary increase. The benefits platform allows the coaching of employees in a simple way by encouraging them with concrete rewards, adapted to their desires. The ease of use can be summarized in 4 areas:

  • Ergonomic and “user friendly” platform
  • Integration via an API in the clients’ information system (e.g. Intranet)
  • Custom URL
  • Mobile applications (Android and IOS)

A customisable benefits management platform

The clients have access to their own benefits program through a “white-label” platform, tailored to their corporate identity (logo, colours, messages, etc.) in order to manage the deals and present themselves to their employees.

Setup and customization of the platform

– Companies become Swibeco clients by paying a membership fee. the price depends on the number of employees.
– Each company can designate one or more administrators of the platform.
– A user-friendly interface allows each administrator to customise its platform as well as to invite and update all of its employees.
– Upon receipt of the invitation, the employees must complete their own profile. They will then have direct access to all benefits, discounts and offers found in different categories.

The Swibeco has clients (companies) everywhere in Switzerland and in all industries. They all have in common the desire to compose their compensation packages in an innovative way as well as to motivate and retain their best employees.

The Swibeco partners are companies that offer products and/or services to the final consumer (B2C) in Switzerland. They wish to develop an alternative sales channel that doesn’t hurt their existing sales channels. In order to do this, they offer competitive deals the employees of The Swiss Benefits Company client companies.

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