Flexible Benefits

Have your employees create their benefits package "à la carte" !

Swibeco continues to innovate to offer you the first Flexible Benefits platform in Switzerland.

Flexible Benefits plans allow employees to choose benefits, based on their needs and wishes, from a set of benefits offered by the employer.

Imagine a platform where your employees could exchange unused vacation days in Swipoints. These Swipoints could then be used in the following areas:

3rd pillar

Save more and
optimize your tax
bill !


Opportunity to buy
or sell vacation
days !


Do good around you
while optimizing your
tax bill !

Swibeco card

Load your card
to have access to the value
of your points everywhere !


Soft mobility or
car, depending on
your needs !


Improve your well-
being with our
health partners !

Through its partnership with Benify, Swibeco can also help you set up a Flexible Benefits program internationally.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities of setting up Flexible Benefits for your company and thus increase the freedom of choice of your employees.

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+ flexibility = + ROI

Flexibility implies choice…

… and choice implies understanding

The Benefits available are valued by the employees

The awareness of value improves the employee experience

Improved employee experience instantly increases the ROI