A simple HR tool for employee recognition!

The Swibeco HR tool helps your company create an efficient and motivating reward system so your employees feel valued and perform to the best of their abilities.

Recognition is an essential element of the quality of work life. It has a positive impact on employee morale and the feeling of happiness at work. Above all, it encourages employee engagement and company performance.


Swibeco: an HR tool with virtual “money”

Swipoints is virtual « money » that can be used on the Swibeco platform. Each HR administrator is able to purchase and then to assign, simply and instantly the Swipoints to the employees of his company through the Swibeco HR platform. Swipoints can be collected and spent by employees on the product(s)/service(s) of their choice on the Swibeco website.


How to use Swipoints with the Swibeco HR tool?

hr tool

A small investment that can yield impressive positive returns !

Giving Swipoints is a simple, practical way to increase employee happiness and boost your team’s morale. It shows appreciation and encourages a culture of kindness.




1 CHF = 10 Swipoints

No expiration date

Valid for purchases made
directly on the
Swibeco platform

To order Swipoints