Swibeco’s new wellness tip: why moving before working ?

Follow our new wellness tip.

We work better when we are fit! Swibeco knows it’s important to look after oneself. Following our monthly wellness tip will positively impact your work, help you stay fit, increase morale and improve work-life balance!


Why moving before working ? 

Last month, we saw the benefits of drinking a warm cup of lemon juice, water and honey in the morning.  This new monthly wellness tip will show you the importance of moving one’s body before starting one’s active life.

Some will prefer waking up their bodies thanks to a gentle yoga practice while others will find that a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, such as a CrossFit session or a functional training, brings them more energy for the day to come.  Actually, one can mix it up and plan one’s workout throughout the week; 3 intensive workout routines, 3 more gentle practices, including yoga, Pilates or just a nice walk, and 1 morning off.

The benefits of such early sports sessions are impressive. First off, working out on an empty stomach helps with weight loss, as the body will directly go into our fat reserves, instead of using sugar from food.

Also, sport is well known to act as a mood-booster, thanks to the hormones released during the effort. Great way to start your day; smiling and all pumped up!

Finally, one will feel accomplished throughout the day and will have so much time to do accomplish various chores and activities, thanks to the extra energy and motivation given by such early workouts!


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Marion Argi , certified ACE personal trainer and founder of One Step More (www.one-step-more.com) is part of Swibeco’s health advisory team. Marion will periodically give you great wellness tips.

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