12 Better Ways to Help You Start Your Day Off Right

Most employees are thrown right into their work in the morning, which definitely does not help them perform well on the job. So, what’s the secret to being more productive? Starting your day off right with these easily applied tips.


1. Get your things ready the night before

Plan ahead so you don’t waste time running from one room to another while munching on your toast. Get your work documents and outfit together the night before. You can even set the table for breakfast. These are all ways to help you start your day with ease.


2. Wake up slowly

If you want to start the work day off well, forget the rude awakening by a radio-alarm clock. Jarring your body will not improve your productivity. In Winter, why not try a light therapy alarm that slowly turns the lights up in your room to wake you? During Summer you could also leave the shutters open and wake up with the sun. A natural start to the day guaranteed!


3. Get up earlier

Do you, like many others, get to work at the last minute? A tight schedule could mean rushing in and throwing off your concentration. Don’t wait, follow author Had Elrod’s steps for The Miracle Morning. What does that entail? Waking up earlier so that you have time to get ready and get to work 5–10 minutes early.


4. Wake up your muscles

And what about doing a few exercises when you get up? This doesn’t mean weightlifting or body combat right when you jump out of bed, of course. Do simple movements to extract your body from its rest state. Stretch, yawn to release the muscles in your face, then roll your head and shoulders.


5. Drink water

Did you know that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning reactivates your metabolism after a night’s rest? When we sleep, our body accumulates toxins and gets dehydrated. So as not to shock your system, drink warm water with a low mineral content. A great way to optimise your brain’s productivity, since it’s 75% water.


6. Make time for a good breakfast

Think breakfast is optional? Get that idea out of your head. After your nightly fast, you need fuel for a productive day at work. Dairy products, cereal, fruit and drinks will give you the energy you need to be at the top of your game all morning.


7. Take a cold shower

To start your day on the right foot, shower in water no warmer than 20° C. This little morning shock will stimulate your circulation and inject you with energy that will help you be more productive at work.


8. Make a habit of relaxing

What if the secret to a great day at work were taking pleasure in a Zen moment? A few yoga poses or a short mediation will help you free your mind and oxygenate your body with deep breaths.


9. Create a soothing environment

To keep the relaxation going, use background noise that favours well-being. There are CDs and playlists of nature sounds, like birdsongs or waves. This way, you can go through your morning routine in a relaxing environment and you will be in a great mood to start your work.


10. Avoid screens when you wake up

Woe to those who check their email as soon as they wake up. There is nothing more counterproductive. Beyond the fact that your eyes will not appreciate the screen light, your brain will be saturated with information that will make it less available for your professional tasks.


11. Listen to music

Music soothes the soul, they say. It is also an excellent way to reduce stress. If you choose slow melodies that reduce your heart rate, of course.


12. Plan your day

The most productive employees plan their days. They pick 2 or 3 goals to achieve each day. Since the brain is most alert in the morning, they plan the most complex jobs first, then the secondary tasks for the afternoon. Following this rule will help you plan your day at work.