Why You Should Never Stop Learning (Especially at Work)

From early childhood until we start working, our entire lives are based on education. As soon as we get a job, we stop this momentum in its tracks, thinking that we’ve succeeded in life. Fatal mistake! We need to keep learning in all stages of life, both personally and professionally. But how can we learn every day, and what real benefits are there? Here are a few answers to motivate you to never stop learning.

How to Learn Every Day…

If you want to improve a bit each day, you can’t just study things willy-nilly. Personal and professional development requires a more serious, committed approach. A great place to start is with a study schedule. Give yourself at least a half an hour per day to deepen your understanding and explore new horizons. When you’re learning, even over a short period of time, you train your attention span and improve your memorisation skills. If you really don’t have the time, you can take advantage of your commute on the train or bus and listen to a podcast on a subject that interests you. And why not read a scientific article on innovations in your field during your lunch hour?

You need to use all the tools at your disposal, both at work and elsewhere, in order for your daily learning to be effective. Luckily for you, there are many options available. Specialised literature, print media, blogs, webinars and online training platforms have a wealth of information that you can easily access. Companies also generally provide training programmes so that their employees can perfect their skills. From online classes to conferences, make sure you take advantage of these resources. Don’t forget, employers will often help you balance professional tasks with education during the workday.

Another tip: be in communication with people that will push you to grow personally and professionally, both at work and on social media. Ask talented colleagues to talk about their experiences or join online communities of experts in your field. In addition to widening your social circle, pursue new interests. Becoming an expert in a field is great. Diversifying your skills is better.

… and Why

If you want to move forward in your career, a professional training programme is the answer. By updating your skills and anticipating your employer’s needs, you are making yourself an indispensable and efficient employee. An employee who stays up to date on changes in their field and regularly improves their skills will advance more easily than their colleagues. They will have everything they need to adapt more quickly to new responsibilities and get promoted.

And what if continuing to learn also improved your mental health? Several scientific studies have shown that enriching your knowledge and skill sets is good for morale and personal fulfilment. Setting goals and working on professional skills may even have a direct impact on our happiness and ability to be optimistic. Not to mention that regularly learning new skills tends to reduce stress and gives us more confidence.

Even better, learning every day rejuvenates your brain by boosting its activity. Trying new activities, reading new books and meeting new people helps you develop intellectually and keeps your neurons healthy. Using your intellectual capacities regularly keeps your brain young. So, learning every day will keep your mind active for dealing with projects at work or discussing with colleagues. All great reasons to make continuing education, both professional and personal, a priority.