10 Ways to Reach Generation Z

Generation Z – There is a wealth of talent in Generation Z for employers. Born between 1995 and 2010, these digital natives are strongly attracted to new technology and have a very specific conception of professional life. This means that recruiters need to develop new strategies to make their positions attractive.

1. Change the way you recruit

Generation Z is completely changing traditional recruitment methods. There is no use counting on the traditional CV and cover letter that lead to an interview at the office. Although this approach worked for other generations, it does not resonate with the way Generation Z communicates. Recruiters need to innovate and allow candidates to apply in less structured ways. Why not conduct interviews via Skype or invite applicants to introduce themselves in a video?

2. Rethink hierarchy

Hierarchy is not a central value for Generation Z. Although they do consider it important, they are resistant to the idea of a vertical relationship between employees and their employer. If you want these new hires to stay, the hierarchy needs to be less rigid. Work with your employees as a team seeking a common goal.

3. Promote strong values

The one thing Generation Z will not compromise on is the alignment of their values with those of the recruiter. To keep your employees fulfilled, create a value-centred culture with projects that preserve the environment or provide social or humanitarian aid. Also highlight the role of each position in the company. When your colleagues understand the importance of their jobs, they will invest in their work.

4. Encourage your employees to be independent

Generation Z is hungry for independence, so they will not tolerate a rigid professional structure. Being able to make their own schedules, flexible hours, managing their own breaks or working from home are all ways to help your employees feel more at ease in their positions.

5. Foster your employees’ well-being

For digital natives, work should be fulfilling. This is why many companies now offer services or facilities to improve their employees’ comfort or well-being. Ergonomic equipment, silent zones, fitness classes or introduction to meditation are all ways to meet their expectations while improving their productivity.

6. Offer attractive salary packages

With the world in crisis, Generation Z is looking for professional stability that will guarantee long-term financial security. Salary is no longer the only criterion for employee satisfaction, so offer investment opportunities or profit sharing. Also expand your benefits to include special offers at major brands.

7. Think digital

Generation Z was born in the digital age, so use social media to give company updates and optimise your website to be compatible with mobile applications. Make your benefits accessible online with specialised web platforms.

8. Enrich continuing education

Generation Z employees want to keep developing throughout their career, so offer a variety of continuing education programmes to help them hone their skills. Foreign language classes, team management workshops, stress or project management… Plan «à la carte» training programmes so that each employee can choose based on their individual goals.

9. Have employees take on a variety of tasks

These digital natives, experts in new technology, rapidly swipe from one thing to the next. Long-term projects are difficult for them. Offering to break up and alternate tasks will help keep them motivated.

10. Encourage social contact

Generation Z is hyper-connected and values sharing information. They are very sensitive to the company atmosphere and seek collaboration between colleagues. To strengthen relationships, you could have experienced employees mentor new hires, for example.