11 Savvy Secrets for Better Health at the Office

Health at the OfficeBeing efficient at work comes from balancing physical and mental health. All it takes is a few easy tricks to keep your mind and body feeling good. Stay in shape at work with these 11 tips.


1. Stand Up and Stretch

When we work, we stay seated at our desks most of the time. This sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. What’s the solution? Change positions and stretch as often as possible. Stretch your muscles by standing up and taking a few steps at regular intervals, ideally for 30 minutes per day.


2. Improve Your Ergonomics

Tired eyes, wrist and neck pain await you if you work at a computer. Try lowering your screen brightness or use an ergonomic mouse to decrease your risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. Set up your workstation so that the top of your computer is at the same level as your eyes to avoid repetitive neck movements.


3. Buy a Stress-Relief Toy

Between projects running late and multitasking, work does not always go smoothly. You might feel upset or discouraged. What should you do? Keep foam balls for squeezing or relaxing Chinese health balls at your desk. Perfect for getting rid of tension!


4. Get Moving on Your Break

Physical activity strengthens the heart and improves full-body mobility. It also reinvigorates the mind by releasing endorphins. So, change your habits by going jogging outside during lunch, for example. A great way to oxygenate the body.


5. Take the Stairs

Did you know that taking the stairs makes your brain work better? According to a study by the University of Montreal, that is. So, forget the elevator. If you walk up and down 2 floors per day, you will strengthen your body while increasing your grey matter, which will improve your performance at work.


6. Drink Lots of Water

If you don’t think water is important, you are mistaken. Our body is 65% water, and our brain 80%. This means that water is essential fuel for the body. Make a habit of drinking a little bit at short intervals. If you’re worried about forgetting, there are apps that will send you alerts when it’s time to hydrate.


7. Limit Your Caffeine Consumption

Ah, the coffee break, an unavoidable part of any day at work. How could you give up the chance to chat with your colleagues? Coffee may give you energy, but it also makes you more sensitive to stress. Substitute herbal tea or fruit juice with vitamins. You can enjoy all the perks with none of the drawbacks.


8. Look Out the Window

Take the time to look at the trees outside your window. According to a 2014 study by the University of Exeter, nature increases our productivity by 15%. You can also decorate your workspace with plants or hang posters of landscapes.


9. Take a Deep Breath

Breathing is a natural process that can have a relaxing effect when done consciously. Try abdominal breathing, known for its soothing effects. Breathe in through the nose and let your stomach expand, then slowly breathe out through the mouth. It’s sure to calm you down!


10. Take a Leaf Out of Your Healthy Colleagues’ Books


Surrounding yourself with healthy people will help you get rid of your bad habits. Since we tend to mimic those around us, your health will surely benefit.


11. Make Time for You

Working too hard can have negative effects on employee satisfaction. If you never rest, you will upset the balance between your work life and home life. This may lead to burnout and your health may suffer. If you want to feel good, you need to work on letting things go and getting your mind off work.


With these easy tips, your well-being at work will skyrocket. You’ll see, you will feel more motivated and productive day-to-day.