7 Ways to Focus When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Feeling a little lazy when you wake up the morning, dragging your feet on the way to the office… it’s happened to all of us. Even with a job we love, we all have days when we just aren’t motivated. But all you need are a few tricks to quickly get focused.

Break Up the Routine

If your schedule is timed to the minute, you might not feel like working every day. A routine can easily become boring and monotonous, and even hamper your creativity at work. So go ahead and shake things up! Are you the one who gives great presentations at meetings? Mix it up with a presentation 2.0 or workshop. Do you always eat lunch at the company cafeteria? Go out to eat for a change of scenery. You can meet new people and try all the local restaurants.

Work as a Team

We have a tendency to just work on our own at the office, tucked away in a cubicle, which isn’t very rewarding. If the day ahead is going to be difficult because you really can’t focus, ask your colleagues to work as a group. Time will pass faster and interactions tend to be very productive. You can exchange tips or ask for help. Fun and efficient!

Divide Up Your Work

If you have a long and tedious project to do, use the Russian doll technique. Divide your project into small steps that seem easier to tackle. At the end of the day or week, all of the tasks will add up and you will have the satisfaction of having finished your work without even noticing it.

Condition Your Mind

When you aren’t feeling motivated, don’t let anxiety and depression take over. Channel your emotions using mental projection. Imagine how proud you will be of yourself to have finished that project, your boss congratulating you or the career opportunities you will have. You can avoid losing motivation at work through positive conditioning.

Set Exciting Goals

All employees need to set clear and realistic goals in order to find a fulfilling balance at work. Whether it’s getting the position with that other team, winning employee of the month or bonding with your colleagues, each of these goals can help you further your career and well-being at work.

Reward Yourself

Don’t wait until your superiors deign to reward you for your quality of work or give you a compliment in the hallway. Congratulating yourself is one of the best ways to stay motivated day to day. A few positive words at the end of the day or a token of satisfaction when you finish a project are ways you can treat yourself at the office. Allow yourself rewards. You have zero desire to do the project your manager has given you? Since we reward ourselves best and you’re worth it, plan a nice holiday to rest and relax or buy that car you’ve been dreaming of!

Make Your Workspace Your Own

Decorate or arrange your desk so that it helps you focus. If it is well organised, you can customise it however you like. Get a few unique or funny gadgets that reflect your personality and switch them out every few months. When you get to work, these silly objects will put you in a good mood immediately. They can even be a good excuse to kid around with colleagues and help you get motivated each morning.