Do You Offer Your Employees These 10 Salary Extras?

You need motivated employees to have a productive company. Although financial bonuses are always popular, non-monetary rewards can also keep your employees motivated by responding more specifically to their needs. But which benefits should you choose to retain your employees and make your company a great place to work?


1. Health Insurance

This is one of the benefits that employees appreciate the most. In addition to NHS, a well-chosen private insurance policy will help your employees pay for the most common medical expenses, such as dental and vision. To complete the package, you can provide an on-site medical professional. This will motivate your employees to take care of their health.

2. Transportation

And what about helping your employees get access to financially sustainable transportation? You can encourage them to use public transit by offering a half-fare SBB travelcard, for example. With a salary sacrifice plan, your employees can convert part of their salary into capital towards an electric or low-emission vehicle. This system of benefits can also be used for bikes. If you also offer benefits to help offset the price of gas, an air quality certificate or car maintenance, your employees will be all the more committed to your company.

3. Childcare

Another benefit that employees love is childcare. Most of your employees are parents and have limited time and budgets. People aren’t putting their careers on hold to raise children any more, particularly women. They would rather do it all. To keep your employees happy, it’s a good idea to contribute to the price of childcare, or to offer a day care service at your office. This also applies to pets!

4. Flexible Parental Leave

Time spent with children is important, especially for young parents. Microsoft started offering bonus days for parental leave in 2015, and you can, as well. This way, your employees can spend more time with their toddler and better manage this time when it can be difficult to balance work and home life.

5. Continuing Education

To be fulfilled at work, your employees need opportunities to advance in their careers. This is why you should develop a continuing education programme, which is a sure way to keep your employees loyal. Offer training programmes right at the office or reimburse the cost for programmes at specialised centres. By encouraging your employees to develop their skills, you show them that you are grateful for their investment and you want to keep them at your company.

6. Meal Allowances

If you can’t provide a free cafeteria, you can offer your employees meal allowances. There are a variety of programmes you can use to provide this tax-free benefit in kind, including the Swibeco Lunch Card. These employee benefits are useful for daily needs: meal cards are accepted at most dine-in and take-out restaurants, as well as at grocery stores for food-related expenses.

7. Gym Memberships

Employees often have to give up on physical activity to save money. Why not encourage them to get active by including athletics in your benefits package? You can provide membership to a sports club, pool or gym, for example, which your employees will definitely appreciate. If they have the space, some companies even provide sessions with trainers at the office or outside the company.

8. Holiday Benefits

Every employee dreams of extending their legally mandated paid leave. Whether it’s offering additional paid holiday or discounts at travel agencies, this benefit is a crowd pleaser. Your employees will be able to travel more often and truly recharge their batteries. Companies like Virgin go even further by providing unlimited paid leave that employees take as they wish.

9. Deals on Entertainment

A complete benefits package should include discounts on entertainment. A relaxed, comfortable employee does the work of two! If you want your employees to be more invested in your company, provide them with opportunities to get their minds off work with deals on a wide variety of entertainment such as theme parks, shows and films.

10. Streaming Services

The cherry on top: provide access to streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify. A little something extra that both your employees and their families will love.