Do You Want to Keep Your Best Employees? Act Now!

Motivation of employees – A company without good employees is like a car engine whose cylinders aren’t powerful enough for the car to run at top speed. The competition passes it by as it fades into the background. An employer’s goal is to attract the best talents, and then keep them. To do so, HR departments must explore different strategies to keep employees motivated.


1. Protect Your Company’s Reputation

For employees, a company’s image is an indicator of the employer’s value and the work conditions that they provide. A good reputation will attract the best talents and contribute to employee satisfaction over time. To keep employees committed, make your company a fun and welcoming place to work with events that bring employees and employer together. Manage your teams in a healthy, employee-focused way, and take equitable and impartial decisions.

2. Make the Importance of Each Position Clear

Employees will commit if they understand the reason for their tasks. The importance of each position should be highlighted. Explain each employee’s contributions in the context of overall production. When you show that each link in the chain is essential for completing company projects, you will motivate your employees to invest, all while creating more fruitful collaborations between departments.

3. Offer Opportunities for Growth

Without growth potential, employee motivation may turn into stagnation. To avoid this, you should take an interest in your employees’ careers. You can anticipate their needs by offering a promotion, training programme or change in position at key times in their development. When you invest in your employees’ professional development, you’re telling them that you want them to stay with your company.

4. Offer Rewarding Employee Benefits

Salary plays a role in your employees’ commitment. It should reflect their skill level and performance to keep things fair. Why not also provide non-monetary compensation? When you diversify rewards, you maximise your benefits’ system. You can provide meal subsidies or access to services at reduced rates, for example childcare, dry cleaning, catering, etc.

5. Don’t Hide Your Thanks

Don’t be stingy with your praise when your top recruits excel in a task. Commendation always encourages motivation. Simply mentioning your appreciation when you greet an employee is enough. You can also call an employee to a meeting to express your satisfaction in their investment in a project. In any form, a verbal compliment is always appreciated! You can even organise a cocktail hour in honour of the employees of the month.

6. Encourage Dialogue

Communication is an essential aspect of the employee-employer relationship. Allow employees to express their opinions on planned changes in the company, client projects or employee satisfaction. Through meetings or questionnaires, employees can suggest ways to improve work conditions and ideas for company events.

7. Respect Work-Life Balance

A flexible work schedule leads to loyal employees. Your talents will not stay if you make them work late every day. They need a good balance between professional and family life in order to be fulfilled. A flexible schedule allows employees to manage their hours based on their personal obligations. Working from home is also a good option for those that live far away or young parents.

8. Cultivate a Good Ambiance

A good ambiance is an important factor in employee loyalty. If they get along well with their colleagues and have a good relationship with higher-ups, they will enjoy coming to work. A pleasant working environment earns points for your company. Cosy corners, fun zones, a nice cafeteria, comfortable desks, massages or relaxation classes all contribute to employees’ well-being.