How Can You Become Your Boss’ Favourite Employee?

Favourite EmployeeUnless you run your own company, you have a superior with whom you need to interact appropriately. From your department head to the CEO, remember that hierarchy is the basis for an efficient company. Here are 7 tips for finding your niche and becoming a top employee.


1. Understand How Your Manager Works

Hierarchical relationships are an important part of good company organisation, as long as you understand your boss’ personality. To work well together, you need to learn to adapt. Listen to what your manager wants, but also observe him or her to anticipate their needs. Your superior doesn’t like to be interrupted? Send information via email. Your boss will look at the messages when it’s convenient for him or her. Follow their requirements for how documents should be presented or how they want to receive information for meetings. Whether it’s a detailed analysis in Excel, meticulous PowerPoint or brainstorming with your team, do things your manager’s way!


2. Know Your Boss’ Goals

You and your colleagues have goals to meet. So does your manager. To demonstrate your efficiency, think of the team as a whole. If you only focus on your own goals, you may miss things and not do all that your boss needs from you. If you keep in mind your manager’s needs, you will be able to work together and contribute to your superior’s performance.


3. Don’t Expect Your Boss to Spoon-Feed You

You are a cog in the company, but don’t be the one that stops the machine! Your boss needs you to be independent; he or her is not there to help you with every little thing. Do not bother them with questions unrelated to your projects. Do you want to know how to get a new security badge or be reimbursed for travel expenses? Ask human resources. Do you have a problem with your computer? Ask a colleague.


4. Keep your Boss Up to Date

In order to respond to situations, your boss needs to be kept up to date on all important information. Positive and negative. If they learn that a client has been complaining about how slow delivery has been for weeks at the last second, and then alert the CEO, you are putting them in a difficult position that may make your relationship difficult. As soon as you are aware of important information, tell your manager. Go to their office immediately to let them know. If you also have a suggestion on how to solve the problem, your boss will see that you are an important asset to the company.


5. Provide Solutions

Proactive employees deal with things as they come up and solve problems as they go. So take the initiative and suggest ways to improve how the company works. Your manager will appreciate your ability to overcome obstacles and not get bogged down in difficulties. Being creative is always a great way to get your boss to appreciate you.


6. Meet (or Beat) Deadlines

The best employees get promoted because they respect deadlines. If you behave like them, you will demonstrate that you are a trustworthy employee that can be counted on, even in a rush. Even better, finish your work in advance. Your boss will be able to adjust a few details and deliver the project early. Your manager will definitely appreciate you more.


7. Take Responsibility

Your manager expects you to commit 100% to your work. Did you offer to come in an hour early to help finish an urgent project? Don’t let them down. Did you say that you would prepare the report for an important presentation? Hold yourself to higher standards and follow through to the end. You can bet that you will become an invaluable employee for your boss, and that you will have greater satisfaction in your work.

These 7 tips are as easy to apply as they are effective. They will make your boss’ life easier and may even get you a promotion. So, don’t wait to become your manager’s top pick!