How to Be Happy at Work

Is anyone really happy at work? With our heavy workloads and high stress levels, you may wonder if it’s even possible. Many companies are doing all they can to help their employees feel fulfilled at work. Attractive benefits, flexible hours and career development are all part of their strategies. But it can also be up to us to apply a few common-sense rules to feel happier at work.

1- Make Your Job Exciting

If we don’t take advantage of our skills and interest in a field, it can be hard to find the motivation to go to work. The ideal situation would, of course, be to work in a field you love where you can showcase your talents. But if your job seems boring, turn it into something that fits with your values. You might surprise yourself with exemplary character, rigour with yourself or solidarity with your colleagues.

2- Create Your Own Career Opportunities

Taking your job for granted is a sure bet for a stagnant career. If you want to move forward with your career and gain experience, professional development is the best option. A happy employee has ambitious goals. If you are continually trying to better yourself, instead of waiting for your boss to ask you to, your confidence will improve. You can even take charge of your own career, whether it be asking for a promotion or looking for a new job.

3- Make Sure You Have Enough Free Time

Being happy at work depends on your balance between work and home life. If you work too much to spend time with your family or on a regular creative or athletic activity, you will quickly run out of steam. Make sure that your schedule allows you to plan your time in accordance with the lifestyle you seek.

4- Don’t Take on Too Much

We are all susceptible to fatigue and stress. If we overload our schedules, we can feel ineffective or burnt out. For a perfect balance between free time and work, don’t overestimate your abilities or let your boss give you too much to do. Know how to say no when you have too much work to take on any more tasks.

5- Make Friends at Work

Relationships are very important in a professional environment. It is always better to work with friends, beyond cordial exchanges between colleagues. Since you spend most of your time at the office, you have plenty of chances to get to know your colleagues and surround yourself with trustworthy people that will keep you motivated day to day.

6- Work as a Team

Don’t see your colleagues as competition. Competition can be a good thing, but a company works best when employees cooperate and work as a team. If you finish your work early, help out a colleague who is running behind on a project. They will appreciate the hand and will repay you when you need it.

7- Take Feedback Seriously

Feedback on your work helps you succeed in your career. Criticism should push you to improve on giving your boss what they want. Compliments should give you the confidence to take more initiative at work.

8- Stay Positive

If you want to be happy at work, you need to keep an open mind. Companies bring together employees with very different personalities that may sometimes conflict with one another. Listen to your colleagues and be patient with their difficulties to create a good atmosphere in the workplace. But protect yourself from toxic people that only whine and complain.

9- Take Care of Yourself

Ten-minute breaks will help you re-energise during your day at the office. Taking the weekend off is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Good hygiene is also very important. Eating well, sleeping and getting enough exercise is great for your mental health. And when you feel good, you can apply that to being happy at work.