More purchasing power for your employees – without increasing your HR costs

The Swibeco Lunch Card offers new flexibilities for all companies in Switzerland. The solution has been completely redefined to offer your employees a purchasing power equivalent of a significant salary increase without raising your personnel costs. Employees who benefit from it can use the card in more than 35,000 food outlets throughout Switzerland for their meals, even when restaurants are closed or when they are working from home.

What is new?

In today’s turbulent economic climate, the new options of the Swibeco Lunch Card allow you to improve the purchasing power of your employees, without even having a budget for a meal allowance or a salary increase. The idea is simple, but revolutionary: with the Swibeco Lunch Card, each employee has the possibility to transfer part of his gross salary to his lunch card and to benefit from the tax advantages linked to it.

The Swibeco Lunch Card offers employers two new options

1.You do not have a budget and do not contribute to meal expenses:
The employee can freely choose to convert up to CHF 180.- per month (legal maximum) of salary equivalent on his Lunch Card. Thanks to this tax optimisation (savings in employer and employee social security contributions and income tax), he can double his purchasing power compared to the same amount paid in salary.

2.You have a small budget to partially contribute to meal costs:
In this case, the employee can supplement this amount up to a maximum of CHF 180.- per month by converting part of his gross or net salary. The company, whether or not it contributes to the meal costs, saves on social security contributions which it can use to finance the system and/or redistribute the amounts saved to the employee.

How does it work?

You can very easily implement the Swibeco Lunch Card as the system is fully digitalised and automated and does not require any additional HR resources or management from the company. The online platform, which is fully customisable for each company, offers a complete administrative process: sending emails to each employee with a presentation of the Swibeco Lunch Card, savings simulator, acceptance windows as well as automated creation and management of employment contract amendments for each employee.

This short video explains the new advantages of the Swibeco Lunch Card

Offer the equivalent of a salary increase

With these new features, the Swibeco Lunch Card becomes accessible to all companies, regardless of their size or financial health. Even without any additional HR budget, you can offer to the employees who want it, the equivalent of a nice salary increase. The Swibeco Lunch Card is therefore a simple and cost-effective solution for all, providing an interesting alternative, particularly in times of economic crisis, to companies that have little or no financial leeway to motivate and strengthen the engagement of their teams.

The Swibeco Lunch Card is accepted everywhere

The Lunch Card is a simple and tax-free solution and offers the largest acceptance network in Switzerland. It is valid in more than 35,000 food locations that accept the VISA card, i.e. in all restaurants, take-aways, bakeries, grocery shops, cafés, fast-foods and even all supermarkets for a varied lunch break.

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