10 Little Tips for Boosting your Career

In the professional world, there are two kinds of employees: those who shoot ahead of the rest, building houses of cards that collapse at the slightest breeze, and those who advance one step at a time, slowly but surely. A Japanese saying tells us that small steps are much more productive than giant ones. They guarantee solid and sustainable progress. Here are 10 tips to take you down the path to success and the little victories that will transform your career.

Forge a Proactive State of Mind

Managers like proactive employees who look beyond their own work. According to a study by author Dan Schawbel, 58% of managers say they appreciate employees who make suggestions regarding their own roles and company goals and structure. So make sure to speak up during work meetings. Research your company’s history and keep up to date on current events. Your comments and suggestions will be all the more pertinent.

Ask Your Managers for Advice

Do you want a position with more responsibility, but are unsure of how to quickly climb the ladder? There’s only one solution: go see your superior and ask them for advice on how to advance in your career. Who could be better placed to share their experience and success? Be sure to ask for specific advice that you can apply to boost your own career.

Make a Success Portfolio

Even if you don’t plan to seek out new responsibilities immediately, take the time to compile the little victories you have already achieved. How? Make a portfolio, just like photographers and models. Note the projects to which you made an important contribution in a notebook or binder. Include documents that can attest to your experience and success. A resource that will hit the nail on the head when you’re looking for a promotion.

Update Your Skills

Required skills are continually changing in the professional world. And yet, continuing education does not seem to be a priority for employees. According to a 2015 study by the OECD, only 41% of employees in the European Union update their skills each year. Quite the sacrilege, since continuing education has a real impact on a person’s career. So, list your skills and your gaps. Enrol in classes offered by your employer or take a remote university course. Efficiency in professional growth guaranteed.

Hone Your Writing Skills

In the times of coded text messages and hastily written emails, the art of good writing has become a rare skill, highly prized by managers. The higher you climb on the ladder, the more it becomes necessary because how you write reflects on the company. Train yourself by writing quality messages, both concise and fluid. This new tool in your belt will make it incredibly easy to defend your project proposals and write punchy reports.

Use Your Breaks

Take advantage of breaks between meetings to study up and get informed. Continue the podcast that you started on your way to work. Check the latest news in your field. Even better, scroll through professional social media like LinkedIn, a rich source of information and contacts that will open new doors.

Set Challenges for Yourself

Stimulate your creativity at the office and take risks by mixing up your routine. Set productivity challenges for yourself every day, either to improve how you organise your work or finish tasks within a short timeframe. This will stimulate your neurons and develop your reflexes, improving your efficiency for a new position.

Take Personality Tests

Personality tests are interesting tools when you are planning a career move. They reveal your psychological characteristics, social and professional skills, and motivations. Take a few different ones for more comprehensive results. Options for getting a clearer image of yourself include SOSIE, OCEAN, MBTI and Hexaco.

Expand Your Social Network

In the business world, you need a network to succeed. So, get involved with the colleagues around you. Participate in their events, such as happy hour or sports. It’s the best way to create opportunities to hear about positions that become available before the rest.

Have a Mobile Attitude

If you are committed to advancing in your career, you may need to move. If you hate the idea of leaving your colleagues or changing your daily grind, you are doomed to stagnate. Success requires sacrifices and making major changes. A new job will likely take more of your time than the previous one where you had fewer responsibilities. A promotion abroad can be an important opportunity for quickly advancing in your career.