10 Tips for Being Happy at Work

We all dream of being happy at the office. The benefits packages offered by companies are designed to motivate the troops and improve their level of satisfaction. But each of us can also contribute to making every day at work a great one. Here’s a resume of 10 strategies to make you a happy employee.

1- Choose a Job You Like

This centuries-old quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucius still rings true today: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. This means that when you like what you do, time passes quickly. Even the most thankless tasks will seem less tedious if you truly love your profession.

2- Stay True to Your Values

Employees are only truly fulfilled if they work at a company aligned with their values. If you are hired by a company that scoffs at ecology but you are passionate about the environment, you will be out of integrity with yourself. You probably won’t want to go to work at all. It will be so hard to be at the office that you’d rather be anywhere else, except at work.

3- Pick a Job that Leaves You Free Time

Your happiness at work depends on how well you balance your personal and professional life. There is no miracle cure, or perfect job, but you need to have benefits that fit with your lifestyle. Flexible hours to deal with unforeseen issues, managing your own schedule so you can take long weekends or working from home when you need to take care of your children… Today, companies are making serious efforts to adapt to their employees’ needs.

4- Set Challenges for Your Career

Professional development improves employee well-being. So, give your career a boost as often as possible with continuing education or by applying to positions higher up in the hierarchy. Each time you leave your comfort zone, you gain access to new possibilities and stimulate your motivation to achieve.

5- Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself

Your employer wants you to work hard and well. The more productive you are, the happier they are. But trying to do too much can stress you out and put you at risk of a burnout. Take on the work you feel capable of doing within reasonable deadlines and don’t overestimate your abilities to impress your boss. Your mental health depends on it, as does the enjoyment you get from work.

6- Suggest Improvements

What if you took action to make all employees at your company happy? This would be a great way to take your personal quest for happiness at work to the group level. Is communication between departments slow? Is office equipment ill adapted for comfort? Let management know about the issues and suggest solutions if you have ideas. Anything that could improve your colleagues’ well-being will only help you, as well.

7- Ask for Regular Feedback

According to the Happy at Work study conducted in 2019, 62% of employees think that happiness at work is closely related to regular feedback at the company. Feedback on your quality of work does two things: when it’s positive, it gives you even more energy to keep working. If it’s less good, it shows you how to improve. Either way, feedback pushes you to go above and beyond.

8- Always Stay Positive

Be a glass half-full person, not a glass half-empty person. Take a positive approach to your work, look at the bigger picture when you encounter difficulties and ask for help. Solidarity and cooperation should be sacred words in the workplace. Your colleagues will love your optimism and your perpetual good mood will improve your mental health.

9- Make Friends

Since you spend most of your week at work, being able to count on friends is extremely important. You will feel less alone if there is an issue. You can confide in them or take a load off and laugh during breaks. You will feel much better at work because laughter releases endorphins, our happy hormones.

10- Set up Your Workspace with Care

An impersonal desk space often indicates that the person doesn’t want to invest in their work or doesn’t feel at home at the company. Coffee mug rings and accumulating dust send an image of negligence that gives the employee a bad reputation with the company, and the company a bad reputation with clients. Transform your desk into a welcoming space with pictures, a flowering cactus and amusing trinkets. Perfect for a pick-me-up when you’re tired!